You feel no pain or discomfort. Instead, you feel totally at ease. Relaxed. Clear. At peace.

Sound unfamiliar? I’m not surprised. In the age of treating symptoms rather than the cause, too many of us wind up dealing with stress, chronic pain and illness that never seem to get resolved.

You can feel better physically and emotionally. It’s never too late to get back in balance, rediscover flow in your body and feel really alive.

Welcome to Zia Healing Arts.Gina_sig


Gina’s work has a spiritual foundation and is guided by her clients’ needs and her intuition. Be free of pain and feel more alive.


Craniosacral therapy is the foundation for most of Gina’s work. When needed, she includes reflexology, trigger point work and myofascial release.


A healer trained in multiple modalities including the Sufi tradition, Gina shares her lighter, quirky side in this photo blog. Enjoy!

"I desperately needed both physical and emotional healing. Gina created a safe space where I could feel the courage to explore my deepest emotional wounds and let the wisdom of my heart reveal the beauty that had been there all along. I don’t just rely on Gina to make me feel better. With her mentoring, I have been able to make daily healing practices a part of my lifestyle. Her services are a holy gift from God."

-Ava H., Utah

Zia Healing Arts has moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. For an appointment or information please call 435-773-5535.