Today most people know me as a healer offering my clients cranio sacral therapy, reflexology and emotional healing through presence in the heart.

What my clients don’t know about me is that I was part of a very different world growing up. I became a competitive figure skater early on and was trained in ballet and jazz dance,since my mother was a ballet teacher.The ice rink and the theater were my home and still today I get goose bumps walking into one of them.

In my late twenties, coming to the US, I ended up in Las Vegas where my first husband lived.

I found work in different shows as a professional figure skater and dancer. This picture was taken at the Hacienda Hotel, in the show “Fire and Ice”. This number was called “West Side Story”.

Without a doubt one of my favorite shows and one of my favorite numbers in my eight years of working on the Strip.

It was a lot of fun working in those shows…..I loved every moment of it!

Don’t mind my eyelashes in this picture………..I know,they could have served as sun shades!!!!!



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"My shoulder had been frozen for more than a year. After numerous physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists, I tried Gina. Contrary to common wisdom about frozen shoulders, the pain began to lessen and the mobility began to return after the very first session. My neck and back stopped hurting as well. I just wish I had found her sooner."

-Linden G., Oregon