GINA Montgomery


Cranio Sacral Therapy, Emotional Healing, Reflexology, Awakening Practices through Breath & Presencing

Experience a therapeutic light touch treatment to release the body's pain, calm the nervous system and hold space for emotional, mental and physical transformation.

Join Gina on a profound journey of personal and interpersonal healing using Cranio Sacral Therapy, Sufi prayers, Reflexology and Awakening Practices through Breath and Presencing.

"I desperately needed both physical and emotional healing. Gina created a safe space where I could feel the courage to explore my deepest emotional wounds and let the wisdom of my heart reveal the beauty that had been there all along. I don’t just rely on Gina to make me feel better. With her mentoring, I have been able to make daily healing practices a part of my lifestyle. Her services are a holy gift from God."
Ava H.

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A journey of a thousand miles starts beneath one's feet.

~ Tao Te Ching

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