My new family member!

Update: in September of 2019 I had to let go of my beloved Tassy. She was 16 years old and she will never be forgotten. I am eternally grateful to have had her in my life! Thank you! The newest member of my family is Luna. Born December 26th 2020, Luna is a Mini Aussie(Australian Shepherd) and at a wapping 17lb. She is smaller than usual. Never mind the size since her spirit is huge and old. From day one I felt her being incensed about her size. She couldn’t understand why she was so small when she felt like a big dog!! Luna has been my biggest joy, my strongest challenge and my most tender love.She continues to teach me about myself and also has become the best hiking buddy and companion. Thank you Luna! I know it’s not easy to be my puppy!!:)) Thank you to the Highest for supporting me, protecting me and bringing gifts into my life that make it liveable.

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