Can you imagine this ….would I call it a hat??…..on my head.The Flamingo Hilton’s “City Lites” was a show on the Las Vegas strip that ran for 15 years. The costumes were well kept but made in an era when steel frames were used to achieve the height of head sets like this. Nowadays new materials are available that are much lighter. It was heavy and it became an art to skate and dance “underneath” it.

My favorite part of all shows and theater performances that I have done, were the rehearsals. People from all over coming together and under the lead of a choreographer starting to work to become a team. That process was always very creative, exciting and fulfilling.

Then came the opening night. Nervous tension was at its highest and so was the excitement to finally show how it had all come together. I loved performing…….the hard work and all the laughter. When someone fell or had a costume “oops” it was a moment to laugh (as long as no one got hurt) and a moment to remember that the show must go on. This pic was taken in my last years of show business and I closed City Lites at the Flamingo Hilton at the age of 35.

Take care and have fun



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