Hello fellow travelers in this life full of surprises!

I mentioned in my first blog that I am passionate about dance. Actually I feel that about all movement. Life in my experience is richer, better, more vibrant when movement—dance , hiking, walking, every form of expression through the body—is part of it.

There is a direct connection between movement and flow that happens organically. As we move the body, circulation improves and endorphins are released, which uplifts our mood, and a general sense of happiness, joy of life and a sense of accomplishment can arise.

I love to teach my clients stretches and moves to improve and support their journey to feeling more ease in their body.

My deep belief is that “we HAVE to move to heal.”

I once heard this quote: “People who move don’t complain; people who complain don’t move.”

Seems a little harsh to me but I like the spirit behind it.

Here are some pics to support these words and to enjoy the power of the body to communicate and express.






5 thoughts on “YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO HEAL”

    1. I just discovered this blog! What fun! I know you as a first class healer–CranioSacral, yoga, etc. If I heal will I be able to dance like Ginger?

  1. Gina, very nice blog . I know those shows you’ve been in and saw them both. Recognize the costumes . I too have been a dancer in the shows in those days. Hallelujah Hollywood, MGM. Casino de Paris,DUNES. Lido de Paris, STARDUST.
    I feel exactly the same way as you do about “moving the body” to stay healthy. Yoga, stretching,dancing if possible.
    I also have become a healer, massage therapist after my dance career and love it. I extend exercises to clients as well. We have a lot in common I feel by just reading your blog. Enjoying it a lot. Your photographs in it are so expressive of what you write.
    Nice meeting you here. Lisette.

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